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Ingredients 1 tsp. of minced onion 3 avocados 1 tsp. fresh lime juice 2 tsp. of diced tomatoes 1 tsp. of chopped cilantro leaves 1/4 tsp ground cumin 1/4 tsp. or your preference quantity of salt Directions Wash diced onions with warm water separate avocado from avocado seed and flesh get a bowl and add […]

Himalayan Gravy Chicken Curry

This dish is very popular in Himalayan region of South Asia, which includes Nepal, Bhutan, India, & Tibet. Due to the use of many herbal spices, Himalayan Gravy Chicken Curry is also considered to keep body warm. It is also known as local Kukhura ko mashu in native language, which means organic chicken curry. It is suggested […]

Fruits & Nuts Smoothie

Fruits Nuts Smoothies might be one of the healthiest drinks. It contains all the health benefits offered by nuts as well as fruits. Ingredients 5 pieces of almonds 5 pieces of cashews 1 banana 1/2 cup of yogurt 3 strawberries 6 cubes of ice 1/2 tsp. of honey Directions Get a mixture grinder Add ice cubes. […]

Porters of the Himalayas

Sherpa people also called as super-human from Himalayas are ethnic group from Nepal who have been living in the high altitudes of the Nepal for generations. Due to high altitude living, and life style they are considered to have very strong lungs and heart. Mitochondria in Sherpas are much more efficient at using oxygen.Sherpas’ do usually […]

Black Beans, Creme Chicken

Serving : 4         Preparation Time : 3hrs and 45 mins Ingredients : 4 -5 frozen boneless chicken breast 14  ounce black beans 13 ounce corn 14 ounce salsa any kind 8 ounce creme cheese Directions: Take 4-5 frozen boneless chicken breasts put into crock pot. Add black beans, salsa, & corn. Keep in […]

Vegetable Basmati Rice Pulao Recipe

Pulao is one of the popular dish in South Asian, Eastern Europe, Middle Eastern, and African culture. It is a staple food and a national dish in Afghan, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Balochi, Bangladesh, Indian, Iranian, Kazakh, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Pakistani, Kenyan, Tanzanian–Zanzibari, Uganda, Tajik, Turkish, Uyghur, Uzbek, and Nepal cuisines. Ingredients 2 Onions 2½ Cups Basmati Rice  2 Carrots 1 Cup Beans 4 Cardamom 1 Teaspoons Ginger garlic paste  1 Cinnamon 6 Cloves 1½ Tablespoons Oil Salt for taste 7 Green chillies 1 Capsicum […]

Benefits of homemade food

Homemade food comes with multiple benefits. If we cooked it at home or someone else it offers high benefits over restaurants’ meals. Going to restaurants for meal is very common practice for socializing in western and American culture. Eating meals at home can be made more fun than usual by organizing shared economy meal plans […]